We are here!

Well, we made it. And already we have seen so much; we are in for an amazing adventure. And, it turned out, the adventure started before we got on the plane. Here to explain that is today´s student blogger, Chris Marten:

I had a small (uh, if by small you mean big) issue at the airport today, being many places in the world with my passport it has become rather worn and a meeting with the washing machine really recently tore it up. The airline refused to let me on the plane because my passport was ¨mutilated.¨ But with Mr. Griffin´s negotiation skills and some prayers to St. Christopher, the situation was resolved just in time for me to get on the plane; so I am especially excited to be here.

The drive from the airport to Holy Cross´s Peyton Center (where we stay) was very interesting apparently in Peru there seem to be no traffic laws. (apparently, though, the roads are safer because people actually know how to drive). We have been welcomed with open arms by the whole community and everyone seems excited we are here. We went to mass tonight at a small parish and we were introduced individually to the parish with an ovation from all who were in attendance. The whole community really embraced us and this has helped make our transition to life in Peru a little less stressful. -Chris (Peruvian nickname ¨Chuy¨Marten)

-Okay, Mr. Griffin here now. Yes, that was quite an incident with the passport. Thanks be to God it got resolved. Enjoy the pictures from our arrivial (where you can see us with our great host here, Lucho, the Center director) and then first dinner, prepared by Isabel. As you can see the Peyton Center here is very nice. Even crazier is that around us is a slum--but the center here does not exclude the people. There are always folks here, having concerts, catechism, meetings. It is a real oasis in this community.

Okay, this 26 hour first day must end now, with some serious sleep.

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Chris Marten said...

Found your blog post. Remembering the great time you had. (¨Chuy¨Marten SR )