Remember, this is a course

Okay, make sure to read the post below on packing, and make sure to respond to EVERY post with questions, to simply share where you are at in trip prep, or you can even just sign off that you read the post.

I also want to remind you of the course requirements for the trip. It is titled Theo 390: Eyes of Faith. This may be the most impactful course of your life, so give it all you got! I already gave you the requirement sheet, and you can get another copy in Peru, but the basics are this: 1/3 participation, 1/3 for a 7-10 page essay due September 14, and 1/3 for a public presentation (can be done in group of 3 or less). So as soon as you arrive, start thinking of topics to learn more about.


Anonymous said...

Will we have time to interview different people in the community while we are there?


Yes, you sure will.

Anonymous said...

What is this about a public presentation?