Just Received This Info

1) I have noticed in myself that as I think about packing, I am in summer-mode. But remember, it is WINTER there now. The only days where it will be summer like are the 4 days we hike in Cuzco, and even there the nights get cold. Nights can get down to below 40 and days in Lima are in the high 50's. A good break from the heat here.

2) I have JUST RECEIVED a notice that I am really glad I received so we were not blindsided. The info is this:
You need to BRING YOUR OWN TOWELS and SHEETS. So, pack your favorite 2 bath towels, some sheets and a pillow case for your bed (they are single beds, the regular twin size). ALSO, they HIGHLY recommend you bring a sleeping bag or (if you do not have one) a warm blanket. Best would be a warm sleeping bag; all I hear is just that the weather, esp at night, is really cold. Also, if you bring a sleeping bag, we won't have to rent one on the 2 days we are camping during the hike. You can, if you like, also bring a small pillow. They will have pillows, but you may want to have your own. I realize this will mean maybe bringing one more piece of luggage, and if need be, that is okay: the limit, though, is 2 pieces of luggage (see size restrictions on a post below) and a backpack.


Devon said...

Seriously? Our own sheets? What size? I only have queen. I'm going to have to buy twin ones, huh?


No, if you do not have twin size sheets, I can bring some for you. Just let me know.

Anonymous said...

Great more things to add to the list of things to pack


Anonymous said...

If we bring a sleeping bag for camping/hiking, where will we put our luggage that carries it when we get to Cusco?

Anonymous said...

Sunscreen might also be useful for our trip to Cusco.

John Alter

Anonymous said...

Is there a list of what you recommend for the hike?

Anonymous said...

It is nice to know that we need all these things before we get there.