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From Dr. Alter: I might suggest that the students carry a light coat in their cary on luggage. That way they can get to it easily when in Lima when they might need it. Would not have to go into their big luggage in the airport.

Also, this is from one of you: You should all bring some moleskin, which you can get at any pharmacy type store like wallgreens, CVS. Bring a roll or a few packages so you can put some on the back of your heels and on the ball of your foot. This will help prevent blisters, and for some people, prevent them entirely! Also bring extra socks for the hike! Changing your socks frequently will help keep your feet dry!!! SWEATY, OR DAMP/WET FEET CAUSE BLISTERS!

And again folks, here is the link for the hike itinerary. SO COOL!!! Click on the following link (and scroll down to where it says LARES TREK TO MACHUPICCHU 4 DAYS)


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Good to know

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I recommend getting a pair of shoes with Gore-Tex. You will not be disappointed.


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Looks like a lot of fun. Cant wait!