About the Hike

You really should check out the hike info link below in an earlier post. It is going to be SO cool. about 6 miles a day, not too bad. But definitely make sure to get EXERCISE this week to be ready.

About the shoes, I had said maybe a really good pair of sneakers okay, but if you have hiking boots, or even could borrow some, it may be better. Now, I don't want you to have to go out and buy a pair ( though I did), but you should know they do recommend this, because you will get ankle support and good soles.

And, one more thing: during one of the nights of our hike, apparently we get to visit some of the Hot Springs in the Andes. Very cool. So also bring a swimming suit.


Devon said...

Hey guys, if you do buy hiking boots I REALLY REALLY recommend wearing them ALL WEEK to break them in, otherwise you're in for blister city. Trust me, I learned that lesson the hard way a couple years ago.

Anonymous said...

Sweet hotsprings!

I bought me some hiking boots, and I recommend everyone else does too.. last thing you want to do is sprain your ankle while we are in the middle of the hike... I've hiked many miles while at Marine Corps Officer school, and believe me, you think it can't happen to you, but it CAN!

Also, you should all bring some moleskin, which you can get at any pharmacy type store like wallgreens, CVS. Bring a roll or a few packages so you can put some on the bakc of your heels and on the ball of your foot. This will help prevent blisters, and for some people, prevent them entirely! Also bring extra socks for the hike! Changing your socks frequently will help keep your feet dry!!! SWEATY, OR DAMP/WET FEET CAUSE BLISTERS!


Anonymous said...