First Impressions

In a new place first impressions are interesting. The flight from Chicago was OK. Leaving at 3 am is not great, but as always I talked to a few interesting people. The stop in San Salvador was long. For some reason there are tons of duty free shops in this airport, even though it is small. I don't understand why anybody would buy in one of these shops as the savings are minimal.

The airport in Lima is fine, clean and modern. My wife met me and we took an interesting cab ride to Miraflores. There don't seem to be many rules about driving in Lima, other than to survive. Your immediate impression is one of diesel fumes mixed with cooking odors. Darkness comes early, so I didn't get to see much until the morning. My impression was that it was very much like Mexico. The next morning that proved to be correct from the architecture to the grime in the city. We went down and ate breakfast near the ocean in a nice restaurant with good food and then went to local high-end grocery store. The prices were similar to the US. We also went to a open air market which was only partially open on Sunday. Again similar in type to other third world countries, interesting new vegetables and fresh meat hanging in the open. Weather is cool and cloudy.

John Alter


Anonymous said...

What's the time change?


Anonymous said...

Are we doing the Lares Valley Trek? I read the itinerary on that link from awhile ago, and it sounds awesome.



Interesting first impressions. Yes, I could see how for us Peru would at first seem like Mexico. Obviously, they are totally different, but it shows that some cultural realities are only visible from inside. Interesting, though, glad to know the temp is pleasant in daytime.

And Abby: Yes, wedo the Lares Valley trek

Anonymous said...

Sounds cool, Can't wait to see it for myself!


Anonymous said...

The time is chicago time in Peru. In San Salvador where you change planes for Lima it is Denver time.

Anonymous said...

So, we get to drive... right?