Guinea Pigs and Bingo

Today´s student blogger: Abigail Stopczynski

So, day two is officially over and one of the main things that I have found to be the most interesting is, by far the people. The people have been so incredibly hospitable and courteous to us every where we have gone. Today, we visited and went to mass in Belen (Bethlehem)which is one of the poorest areas in Lima. Walking into the church (pic above is right outside it) I was immediately reminded of how lucky we are in the states to have actual churches. Coming from South Bend where there are practically Catholic Churches on every corner it is weird to see Catholic Churches that resemble more of spacious huts than actual church buildings. There are no bishop appeals or million dollar renovations, the people of Belen are literally lucky to have a roof on their church.

Tonight after going to another mass, we went to the Bingo-and-Chicken night the school and church was hosting. You get a Bingo card and some chicken to it while playing it. I, and I think I can speak for everyone on this trip, also witnessed our first ever Guinea Pig Race. Unfortunately we did not win either the Guinea Pig Race or Bingo but the locals were very excited to see us and get their picture taken. We also had our first taste of Inca Kola (the most popular soft drink here).

The children here, we have found out are fascinated by digital cameras and are already posed before you can even turn your camera on.
Anyways, so far I am really enjoying this experience and look forward for whats in store for tomorrow and the days to follow. Remember, you can post any comments you have by simply clicking comments, type in your comment, click anonymous (remember to sign your name so we know who is commenting), and click post.
Buenas Noches!


Anonymous said...

Hi Abigail and group. Glad to hear you're enjoying yourselves. There are a lot of people back here spying (I mean reading ) about your trip. haha!! Everyone is very interested in everything you're doing. We love the daily updates. Keep them coming. Stay safe. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby,
Could you do a fellow "Abby" a favor... and tell Steve that I miss him!!! Hope you all are having an amazing time!
Abby D.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby, Nice pictures. We went out to eat for dad's birthday. Missed you being there but hey we saved money. teehee. Anyway, keep enjoying yourself. We really love the stories and the pictures. The kids are so cute!!

Miss you!


Anonymous said...

Hola Everyone! Just wanted you to know that we here in the Admissions Office are keeping track of what you all are doing in Peru. Sounds like you are having great experiences and are going to do a little bit of craftmanship on that lady's house. Bless all of you and her too! Abby we MISS YOU!!! I have been back one day from vacation and I am ready for you to be here!!! Everyone enjoy themselves and be safe. - Sherry Raven

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