The Belen Connection

One aspect of the trip that deserves special mention is our connection to the people of Belen. Belen (Spanish for Bethlehem) is one of the poorest villages in Lima. The homes are built high up on the mountainside, constructed of anything from scrap metal to cardboard and everythign in between. The have a chapel, pictured here, and their faith is what joins them. Holy Cross priests come here to say Mass each week, and during our trip we spend lot of time here. Last year we mixed and poured concrete by hand and made a floor. We also helped rebuild their roof. Most importantly, we get a sense of what that original Belen was like, where Christ was born in the same midst of poverty and faith.


Stefanie Marten said...

I just wanted to say HI! to my brother, Chris Marten. I am so happy that you made it there safely. I hope you are having a great time, I miss you and love you so much!!!

Love, Stefanie

Anonymous said...


Dad and I are very grateful to Mr. Griffin for using his negotiating talents to get you on the plane. You have witnessed the first miracle of the trip!! We are so proud to see you in the pictures having a good time. Chris mass 2 times in one day? Sorry we could not hear you on the phone last night. Miss You and Love you and don't worry about the Saab, we have it in the garage as a shrine.